Didsbury Arts Festival

Didsbury Arts festival is a volunteer led multi arts festival celebrating creative culture in Didsbury, through working with local, national and international artists. 

We are a biennial festival. The next edition will take place from 22 June - 30 June 2019. The festival theme will be Roots. If you would like to join the 2019 team, please get in touch.

Something's Coming!

A musical tale of blood, death and rhubarb!

Gothic horror becomes a real family affair in an unusual musical offering coming to DAF 2017.

Didsbury United Reformed Church will set the scene for the small German town of Silberzwiebel, in the mid19th century. Life, on the whole, is good, but the townspeople are hiding a grisly secret! What happens when a young woman arrives, intent on uncovering the truth? Is she all she seems? Or something else entirely? One thing‟s for certain – she‟s trouble!

The man behind the music, singer/songwriter Wayne Holt, is joined by his wife, daughter, sister, brother, aunt and two cousins in a truly extraordinary performance, staged by this music-loving and talented family.

“The inspiration for this production came with the idea of a few characters first. I wrote the songs for them and the musical grew from that,” says Wayne, whose musical influences range from Gilbert & Sullivan to Sondheim. .

“The show‟s main comic idea is that a vampire is building himself the perfect woman. One of the songs, „Fetch me an eyeball‟, is a line that came into my head and the rest is history...

Since the musical‟s first performance back in January, the extended family has had heaps of fun perfecting it. Wayne has now cut most of the dialogue, allowing the

music to speak for itself. The cast includes 15 singers with two musicians on piano and organ. Meanwhile, Wayne is already working on another musical and is on the lookout for new talent. Contact via: www.mothproofmusic.com/

Something’s Coming, 27 June (7.30 pm), Didsbury United Reformed Church, Parkfield Road South, M20 6DA, free entry, suitable for ages 8+.

More infor here: http://www.didsburyartsfestival.org/whats-on/main-programme/429-something-s-coming

Words by Laura Linkomies